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Things to Do to Assess Male Organ Function

Got good male organ health? Men who follow these articles know how important maintaining proper male organ health can be and, thankfully, many take steps to ensure that health. One of the benefits of good male organ health is that…

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Sex Should Be About Having Fun, Not Achieving Goals

Is an orgasm essential to having good sex? Some people see sex that does involve an orgasm as a sign of failure, perhaps even sexual dysfunction. This view creates enormous pressure for us to both give and achieve orgasm during…

19 Healthy Perks of Kissing

19 Healthy Perks of Kissing

From a young age, we are told kisses are pretty powerful. They turn frogs into princes. They make fireworks erupt in the night sky. Kiss a certain stone in Ireland, and you’ll gain the gift of gab. Kiss and tell,…

How Long Sex Should Last in Your 40’s

Understanding Sexual Health

Health Benefits of Sex

Having sex once a week can make you feel 15 years younger, study shows

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